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​This 137 acre conservancy is located within Hilton Head Plantation. HHI Land Trust members who live outside this Plantation can email the Land Trust for a day pass. Formed as a shallow valley between ancient shoreline dunes, it consists primarily of freshwater black gum (or tupelo) forested swamp and open "savannah" swamp. Surrounding the wetlands is a swamp edge transition zone of thick, head-high bushes that separates the swamp from the pine dominated uplands. This breadth of habitats supports approximately 75 plant species and 100 wildlife species. There is a 1,100 foot, elevated boardwalk that allows access to the heart of the swamp, as well as three trails that allow further viewing of the various habitats. The Land Trust surveys the plants and animals of the Conservancy and places interpretive signage along the boardwalk and trails.

Whooping Crane:

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