About The Nest

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The nest on the Eagle cam is located on private property in an undisclosed area since eagles can be quite sensitive to human activity while nesting.  This will be the fourth season for this pair of eagles.  In 2020, the eagles had a successful season with two eaglets fledging. 

Hilton Head Eagles

In the Hilton Head Island area, the eagles generally come back to the nest in September or October to begin ‘nestorations’ from the prior season.  Sticks are brought in to reinforce the nest structure, and soft nesting material is replenished to provide the protective nest bowl into which eggs will be laid.   If there is a successful mating season, eggs are laid in early to mid-December.  Normally, one to three eggs are laid and the incubation will take about 35 days on average.  All eyes will be peeled for the first ‘pip’ or breakthrough of the eggshell by the baby inside.  After the babies are hatched, settle in and watch them grow and develop from downy bobble-heads to feisty and magnificent Eaglets, ready to take their first flight into what will be a steep learning curve of survival in the wild.

There are many bird nests in the Hilton Head area including eagles, osprey, red tailed and red shouldered hawks, owls, and great blue heron nests to name a few.  

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