Wetlands Conservancy

Monitored and protected by the Land Trust, Cypress Conservancy is a 51 acre wetlands conservancy located within the gates of Hilton Head Plantation. This conservancy is a forested freshwater wetland complex containing the only remaining, naturally-occurring stand of Bald Cypress tress on Hilton Head.  These noble trees are southern relatives to redwood and giant sequoia trees.

There is an elevated boardwalk that weaves through the wetlands ending an area containing most of the Bald Cypress trees.  As a whole, the Conservancy supports approximately 70 plant species and 115 wildlife species, identified by various interpretive signs along the boardwalk.  

Since 1986, the Hilton Head Public Service District has supplied highly treated reclaimed water to restore Cypress and Whooping Crane conservancies and in doing so has played a key role in the sustainability of Hilton Head's environment.  Reclaimed water is the longest running and most beneficial green technology on Hilton Head.  Additionally, the Conservancy reduces the danger of flooding in Hilton Head Plantation by absorbing millions of gallons of storm water each year.

The Land Trust surveys the plants and animals of the Conservancy, places interpretive signage along the boardwalk, and provides informational brochures to visitors.  Land Trust members living outside of Hilton Head Plantation can email the Land Trust to schedule a tour of the Conservancy. 


Where is Cypress Conservancy Located?

This Conservancy is located within a private neighborhood called Hilton Head Plantation.  Access is restricted to those individuals living in Hilton Head Plantation and Sea Pines.  If you are a member of the HHI Land Trust and live outside either of these neighborhoods, please contact us to arrange a tour.

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