Wetlands Habitat

The Land Trust, monitors and maintains, a 3.3-acre tract of wetlands known at the Museum Street Conservation District.  This property is located at the northern end of Hilton Head Island and protects much of our natural flora and fauna.  This area also serves to collect gallons of storm water each year to reduce the danger of flooding in Hilton Head Plantation and the surrounding areas. 

Due to the delicate nature of this protected area, the Land Trust has chosen to leave this area in an undisturbed state. Hence, no trails have been built through the property. However, the property can be viewed along its borders of Museum Street and Main Street.

The Land Trust strives to ensure the Museum Street Property remains healthy habitats for our future generations of wildlife and residents.  Each strand in the web of flora and fauna we protect through proper management promotes an outcome that will continue to be positive for the future of Hilton Head.

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