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"Sparking Conservation" HHILT Board Member, Robin Storey featured in Local Magazine

Robin Storey, Treasurer at Hilton Head Island Land Trust, Credit: CH2 Magazine

Be sure to check out August's edition of local magazine CH2 for a familiar face! We are thrilled to share a recent feature article that highlights the remarkable dedication of one of our own. The article titled "Sparking Conservation" shines a well-deserved spotlight on our board member, Robin Storey, and her unwavering commitment to preserving the natural beauty of Hilton Head Island.

For over eight years, Robin Storey has been a driving force within HHILT, championing the cause of conservation with passion and resolve. Through her leadership, we have successfully protected and maintained five vital pieces of land, encompassing diverse habitats such as wetlands, historical sites like a Civil War fort, and expansive conservancies spanning 188 acres within Hilton Head Plantation.

The article beautifully captures Robin's deep-rooted mission: to underscore the critical connection between wildlife and their habitats. Her endeavors have led to heightened awareness about the importance of land preservation. We're particularly excited to share that the HHILT's Raptor Cam, a visionary tool that provides an intimate look into the lives of local avian residents including Bald Eagles, Great Horned Owls, and Ospreys, has played a significant role in this outreach.

Beyond her integral role with HHILT, Robin's commitment to nature finds expression through her wildlife photography. Her captivating images not only celebrate the island's biodiversity but also serve as a testament to her unwavering dedication to safeguarding these habitats for generations to come.

If Robin's story resonates with you and ignites your own passion for conservation, we invite you to join us. Embrace a conservation-focused mindset, delve into the intricacies of Hilton Head Island's ecosystem, and explore the rewarding volunteer opportunities that HHILT offers. In a world where the delicate balance of nature is more crucial than ever, Robin reminds us of our shared duty to be steadfast stewards of this remarkable island.

Check out the article here: "Sparking Conservation"

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